Put Hope in Someone's Heart

At VoluCulture Society of Kenya, we aim to provide an online platform that connects nonprofit organizations in Kenya with local and global virtual volunteers.


How It Works

1. Nonprofits Sign Up

Our nonprofit partners sign up and post volunteer opportunities under their profiles based on their capacity needs.

2. Volunteers Sign Up

Volunteers sign up for a free volunteer account. Then browse the many volunteer opportunities that match their skills and apply.

3. Contact and Interview

A representative from our nonprofit partners contacts the volunteers for an introduction and interview.

4. Match and Start

Once both parties agree to work together, then the matching happens, and the projects starts.

Volunteer the way you want

Register for a volunteer account and apply for a volunteer opportunity that matches your skills and make an impact to a local nonprofit organization.

Learn more about our Nonprofit Partners.

"I’m very conscious of the fact that you can’t do it alone. It’s teamwork. When you do it alone
you run the risk that when you are no longer there nobody else will do it." - Wangari Maathai

We offer an online space where volunteer opportunities meet talent. We provide tools to harness the power of human, social and financial capital for social good.